This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

Course syllabus in pdf and Word formats. (Does not reflect changes made below.)

Changes to Syllabus

Please take note of the following changes to the syllabus:

For Monday, December 4, 2006, do not read the INS v. AP opinion. The new (much shorter) assignment is: Contract (848-64).

[Posted 10/4/06] I have significantly modified the next two reading assignments--for Monday, 10/9 and Wednesday, 10/11--to allow us to catch up. For these two dates, please disregard the assignments in the syllabus and that have appeared previously on this website. The new assignments are:

For Wednesday, September 27, 2006, in addition to the reading listed in the syllabus, skim pages 159-164 ("Procedures for Obtaining a Patent")

The new assignment is:

Supplemental Reading

Wednesday, 11/29/06: As specified in the syllabus, in addition to the pages assigned in the casebook, please read the following Supreme Court Opinion from last term:
Wednesday, 11/15/06: In addition to pages 593-98 (skip notes) of the casebook, read the following:

Wednesday, 9/20/06: (Required Reading)

Class Mind Maps

Here are PDF versions of the Mind Maps developed in class:
Class Twenty-Six: December 4
Class Twenty-Five: November 29
Class Twenty-Four: November 27
Class Twenty-Three: November 15
Class Twenty-Two: November 13
Class Twenty-One: November 8
Class Twenty: November 6
Class Nineteen: November 1
Class Eighteen: October 30
Class Seventeen: October 25
Class Sixteen: October 23
Class Fifteen: October 18
Class Fourteen: October 16
Class Thirteen: October 11
Class Twelve: October 9
Class Eleven: October 4
Also Class Eleven: Boulder Restaurant Trademark Distinctiveness Game
Class Ten: October 2
Class Nine: September 27
Also Class Nine: Simpler Chart of Doctrine of Equivalents/Prosecution History Estoppel
Class Eight: September 25
Class Seven: September 20
Class Six: September 18
Class Five: September 13
Class Four: September 11
Class Three: September 6
Class Two: August 30
Also Class Two:Map of "Justification Game"
Class One: August 28

Other Class Materials

Here are other materials used in class or handed out:

*** Last year's final exam ***

Exams not authored by Professor Ohm but similar in style and scope to his exams: Class Eighteen, October 30: Columbia Law Schools archive of copyright cases (including sound clips to many songs) involving music.
Class Seven, September 20: A blogger has rewritten the entire Patent Act in verse
Class Two: August 30: Powerpoint on Economics of IP (by Prof. Larry Solum)

Other Links


Youtube Mondays

December 4, 2006: Viral Videos: November 27, 2006: BofA's "One": November 13, 2006: Peer-to-Peer Monday: November 6, 2006: Mash-up Monday: October 30, 2006: Ten Things I Hate About Commandments
Also October 30, 2006: Shining
October 23, 2006: Spamland
Also October 23, 2006: Aleksey Vayner as explained in Sunday's NY Times
October 16, 2006: Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" video of a model's transformation.
October 9, 2006: Microsoft redesigns the iPod trade dress.
October 2, 2006: Driving through the streets of Paris. Wikipedia explanation. Map of route driven.
September 25, 2006: Elmo TMX
Also September 11, 2006: Fun little Line Rider game and Excellent "helicopter escape" example.
September 18, 2006: Stop motion space invaders
Also September 18, 2006: Super Mario Bros. performed live at Gordon College talent show
September 11, 2006: 1000 Cars racing at once in Trackmania sunrise
Also September 11, 2006: Man photographs himself every day for six years
August 30, 2006: OK GO Dance routine on treadmills
August 28, 2006: Canon Rock performed by funtwo. as explained in this NY Times article.