This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

NEW 11/10: Modified syllabus for Part 3 of course in PDF or MS Word file formats.

The syllabus for the course is available in PDF or MS Word file formats. (WARNING: NOW OUT OF DATE FOR PART 3 READINGS. SUPERSEDED BY FILE ABOVE.)

Required Reading

Our primary source will be a casebook: William McGeveran, Privacy and Data Protection Law (2016) (ISBN-13: 9781634602648). I will supplement the casebook reading with readings posted to this page.

Readings for First Two Classes

Graded Assignments

Supplemental Reading

For further background in information privacy law, three excellent books are:

Past Exams

I have taught this class as an exam class only once before, in 2015. That class differed from this class in at least three significant ways: first, in 2015, I administered both a midterm and a final exam. Second, we used a different casebook, albeit one with similar coverage to the book we are using this term. Third, I emphasized short answer questions heavily in 2015, but I am likely to mix long and short answer questions this year.

I am making those exams and the grading rubrics I used to score them available below.

I have also made exams from another professor available on Canvas.

Finally, if you're hungering for other exams from me, you can take a look at the course page from the last time I taught Computer Crime Law, last year. In that class, we cover the Fourth Amendment and ECPA, albeit in much greater depth than we do in this class. You might therefore find the past exams (collected at the bottom of that course page) marginally useful. Be aware that I cover a lot of material in that course that I do not cover in this course.

Other Class Materials

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