This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

Download the class syllabus (FINAL VERSION: Uploaded March 3, 2008).

Review Sessions

I have posted a page collecting some of the student questions I have answered during the final exam preparation period. Check back often.

Two review sessions are planned:

Changes to Syllabus

Required Texts

Our casebook comes in two forms, either one acceptable for this course. There is a blue, paperback version: Dressler and Thomas, Criminal Procedure: Investigating Crime (Third Edition) (Thomson/West ISBN 978-0-314-16664-7). This is the preferred text for the class.

Alternatively, you can buy the expanded version of our casebook, the brown, hardback Dressler and Thomas, Criminal Procedure: Principles, Policies, and Perspectives (Third Edition) (Thomson/West ISBN 978-0-314-16665-4) instead. It includes the same material as our casebook, with the exact same page numbering. This book is sometimes also used for the Adjudicative Criminal Procedure course, so you might want to use this book if you are thinking of taking or have taken that course.

Whichever you choose, you also need the 2007 Supplement (ISBN 0314179798).

First Assignments

First Class, Tuesday, January 15: In the casebook, "The Norms of the Criminal Process" (pp. 41-49) and Chapter 2, "Fourth Amendment: An Overview" (pp. 53-74).

Second Class, Thursday, January 17: Chapter 3(A) "What is a 'Search'?" (pp. 75-93) (Katz and White).

Supplemental Reading

For Class Eighteen, Thursday, March 13th, read the following two very short blurbs having to do with Herring v. U.S.: For Class Sixteen, Thursday, March 6th, in addition to the reading in the case book, download and read the contents of this file. The file contains the opinion in New Jersey v. T.L.O. and a news article from the Daily Camera (which quotes from yours truly).

For Class Four, Thursday, January 24th, you have been assigned to read this excerpt from one of my recent law review articles. You can ignore the footnotes.

Class Mind Maps

Here are PDF versions of the Mind Maps developed in class:
Class Twenty-Six: April 22
Class Twenty-Five: April 17
Class Twenty-Four: April 15
Class Twenty-Three: April 10
Class Twenty-Two: April 3
Class Twenty-One: April 1
Class Twenty: March 20
Class Nineteen: March 18
Class Eighteen: March 13
Class Seventeen: March 11
Class Sixteen: March 6
Class Fifteen: March 4
Class Fourteen: February 28
Class Thirteen: February 26
Class Twelve: February 21
Class Eleven: February 19
Class Ten: February 14
Class Nine: February 12
Class Eight: February 7
Class Seven: February 5
Class Six: January 31
Class Five: January 29
Class Four: January 24
Class Three: January 22
Class Two: January 17
Class One: January 15

Other Class Materials

Sample final exam questions (password protected).

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