This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.



Course syllabus (version 0.95) (posted 1/11/15)

First Two Readings

For the first class, on Monday, January 12th, read pages 3 to 32 of your casebook.

For the second class, on Wednesday, January 14th, read pages 45-47; 57-67; and 77-81 of your casebook. On page 81, skip notes 1 and 2 following the Mannion case.

Required Texts

Our primary source will be a casebook: Julie Cohen, Lydia Loren, Ruth Okediji & Maureen O'Rourke, Copyright in a Global Information Economy (3d ed. 2010). You must have the latest version of the casebook (3d edition). Older versions will not do.

Link to free, mandatory casebook supplement: The authors of your casebook have made 2013 and 2014 casebook supplements available to you on their website free of charge. You should download a single PDF containing both files with unified page numbering at the preceding link. These are the page numbers referred to as "Supp/" in the syllabus. (Thanks to Jessica Litman, professor at Michigan Law School, for producing the unified file.)

Additionally, you are required to have a complete copy of the Copyright Act, Title 17 of the U.S. Code. One free source for this is Cornell's LII Website.

Supplemental Reading


Class Mind Maps

Note: The mindmap files in the zip file can be read and modified using a free, open source program called Freeplane. Two warnings are in order before you download Freeplane: (1) This is a somewhat unpolished, hard-to-use program. (2) This program requires you to have java installed on your computer. Given many vulnerabilities discovered in java, your computer may not have java installed or activated. Activate java and use this program at your risk. Freeplane is available for download here.

Single zip file containing all maps from classes 1 to 24 in native format (compatible with freeplane program), including image files. (Native versions of maps for classes 26 and 27 will be posted as individual files below.)

PDF files for each class. (Most images are now viewable--a few are still missing.)

Other Class Materials

Past Final Exams Reading for March 5th Conference

Here are two advance assignments you must complete before the mandatory copyright conference on Thursday, March 5th:

Other Links

The syllabus lists four optional texts, two of which are available for free online: For music cases, consult the materials archived at the Copyright Infringement Project, a joint effort of UCLA and Columbia Law Schools.