This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

Download the class syllabus. (The syllabus available here was updated on March 3, 2008, to fix a couple typos on Page 6. You can also download just the corrected page here.)

Review Sessions

I have posted a page collecting some of the student questions I have answered during the final exam preparation period. Check back often.

Two review sessions are planned:

Changes to Assignments

Required Texts

Our primary source will be a casebook: Joyce, Leaffer, Jaszi, and Ochoa, COPYRIGHT LAW (7th Ed. 2006) (ISBN 9780820570969). Additionally, you are required to have the 2007 CUMULATIVE SUPPLEMENT to the Casebook (ISBN 9781422418529), which has also been made available in the bookstore.

First Assignments

First Class, Tues, Jan 15: Chapter 1 Introduction and 1.01, 1.02[A] (pp.1-3); History (pp. 14-26); Thinking and Talking About Copyright (pp. 49-61). Also, skim 1.02[B] and [C] (pp. 3-14).

Second Class, Thurs, Jan 17: Chapter 2 Introduction and 2.01 Fixation (pp. 63-79). In the Statutory Supplement: 17 U.S.C. - 101 ("copies", "created", "device, machine, or process," "fixed," and "phonorecords"), 102(a), 1101.

Supplemental Reading

For Class 23, Tuesday, April 8th, read the opinion in Perfect 10 vs. Amazon in addition to the other reading assigned on the syllabus.

For Class 13, Tuesday, February 26th, there is no "ringtones handout" contrary to what the syllabus says. Read the pages assigned from the casebook only.

Class Mind Maps

Here are PDF versions of the Mind Maps developed in class:
Class Twenty-Six: April 22
Class Twenty-Five: April 15
Class Twenty-Four: April 10 (no mind map for guest lecturer)
Class Twenty-Three: April 8
Class Twenty-Two: April 3
Class Twenty-One: April 1
Class Twenty: March 20
Class Nineteen: March 18
Class Eighteen: March 13
Class Seventeen: March 11
Class Sixteen: March 6
Class Fifteen: March 4: No Class
Class Fourteen: February 28
Class Thirteen: February 26
Class Twelve: February 21
Class Eleven: February 19
Class Ten: February 14
Class Nine: February 12
Class Eight: February 7
Class Seven: February 5
Class Six: January 31
Class Six: January 31: Map of Rules of Conceptual Separability
Class Five: January 29
Class Four: January 24
Class Three: January 22
Class Two: January 17
Class One: January 15

Other Class Materials

Past Final Exams You may also find useful past exams I have given in the Introduction to Intellectual Property course. Understand, however, that these tests contain a problem each that have nothing to do with copyright. Even the copyright questions are strewn with facts that have more to do with trademark than copyright. Here are two:

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