This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.



Class syllabus: pdf (Version 0.96) (update distributed 2/23).

Laptop Policy
No laptops or electronic recording devices may be used in the classroom. The only exception is that up to three designated note takers may volunteer for each class meeting to take notes on their laptops but only if they each agree to share those notes in their entirety via Canvas with other members of the class. If additional accommodations are necessary, please contact the Dean of Students Office.

Required Reading

The required text for the class is Erwin Chemerinsky and Laurie L. Levenson, Criminal Procedure: Investigation (2d Edition) ISBN: 978-1454807131 (Amazon). You must have the second edition.

Readings for First Two Classes

Supplemental Reading

Other Class Materials