This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

Latest course syllabus (version 0.99) (updating final five classes of term).

First Two Readings

For the first class, on Monday, January 12th, read pages 1 to 29 of the casebook.

For the second class, on Wednesday, January 14th, read pages 29 to 51 of the casebook and pages 115 to 120 of the supplement. Because some of you may not have the supplement yet, I have posted the six assigned supplement pages somewhere on my website, hidden for you to find (as an exercise to help you understand the reading.) Click here if you need a hint.

Required Texts

We will use two primary texts:

You must have the latest versions of both the casebook and the supplement (3d edition and 2015 edition, respectively). Older versions will not do.

Supplemental Reading


Other Class Materials

Sample/Practice Final Exams

Past Final Exams

Other Materials

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