This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Course Syllabus

The syllabus is available here in Word and PDF file formats.

Supplemental Reading


Class Mind Maps

Class Twenty-Six: November 30 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty-Five: November 28 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty-Four: November 16 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty-Three: November 14 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty-Two: November 9 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty-One: November 7 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twenty: November 2 (MM) (PDF)
Class Nineteen: October 31 (MM) (PDF)
Class Eighteen: October 26 (MM) (PDF)
Class Seventeen: October 24 (MM) (PDF)
Class Sixteen: October 19 (MM) (PDF)
Class Fifteen: October 12 (MM) (PDF)
Class Fourteen: October 10: Oral Argument for U.S. v. Jones, no Mind Map
Class Thirteen: October 5 (MM) (PDF)
Class Twelve: October 3 (MM) (PDF)
Class Eleven: September 28 (MM) (PDF)
Class Ten: September 26 (MM) (PDF)
Class Nine: September 21 (MM) (PDF)
Class Eight: September 19 (MM) (PDF)
Class Seven: September 14 (MM) (PDF)
Class Six: September 12 (MM) (PDF)
Class Five: September 7 (MM) (PDF)
Class Four: August 31 (MM) (PDF)
Class Three: August 29 (MM) (PDF)
Class Two: August 24 (MM) (PDF)
Class One: August 22 (MM) (PDF)

Other Class Materials

Sample/Practice Final Exams

Past Final Exams

Because this is only the second time I have offered computer crime as a final exam course, I do not have any other past exams to offer. To give you a bit more for your exam review, I have cobbled together a few other sample exams written by me and other people.

The sample questions that follow are divided into substantive and procedural types, but the questions on the actual exam might blend the two subjects.

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