This is the webpage for a class from the PAST that has ALREADY ENDED. Current class information is available here.


Book Information

We are using a casebook for this class, Orin Kerr, Computer Crime Law (West 1st ed. 2006) ISBN 978-0314144003. Please be sure to buy the correct book. The law school website listed the wrong book a few weeks before the beginning of the semester.

A 2008 Supplement (new version posted 10/20/09) for the book is available as a PDF download. Some of the assignments in the syllabus are drawn from this file.

Because computer crime is such a fast-moving field, I will also be posting supplements to the reading to this website. You are required to consult this website before you begin reading for every class.

Course Syllabus

Final syllabus (Version 1.0b) available here in word and pdf formats.
Modified pages 5 and 6 (Version 1.0c) available here in word and pdf formats.

The classroom has changed. We will now be meeting in Room 301.

Changes to Syllabus

Please note the following changes to the syllabus:

Supplemental Reading

Class Mind Maps

Here are PDF versions of the Mind Maps developed in class:

Other Class Materials

I have posted a page collecting some of the student questions I have answered during the final exam preparation period. Check back often.

Sample/Practice Final Exams

Having never taught this course before as a final exam course, I cannot provide past exams I have used. Instead, I am providing sample exams written by me and other people. Our final, take-home exam will consist of three questions--two issue-spotters and one policy question.

The sample questions that follow are divided into substantive and procedural types, but the questions on the actual exam might blend the two subjects.

I will add other questions and sample examples to this list in the days leading up to the exam, so please check this space again.


2008 Supplement (new version posted 10/20/09) to Kerr casebook.

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